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International Concert

featuring the Taipei Professional Orchestra

On Thursday evening, we are honored to have the Taipei Professional Orchestra join us in our first International Concert. This jazz orchestra is made up of some of the finest musicians in Taiwan, and will give listeners a glimpse of jazz around the world. 

Thursday, April 22nd
7:00 PM


Pre-Concert Music by UW-Eau Claire Jazz III at 6:50PM

This event is free and will premiere on the ECJF YouTube Channel.

The Taipei professional orchestra

taipei jazz orch.jpeg

The TPO was created in May 2020 when the unique conditions of COVID-19 brought stranded touring musicians and the best local musicians in Taiwan together to form this incredible big band. This 20-piece big band focuses both on bringing to life authentic American swing culture of the mid-twentieth century and carrying on the tradition of innovation in jazz by playing the works of contemporary composers and arrangers. 

The band, under the direction of saxophonist and woodwind specialist Jim Geddes, rehearses on a weekly basis and focuses on repertoire ranging from Thad Jones and Stan Kenton to latin, R&B, and even hip-hop influenced music (as well as a few stellar vocal works thrown in for good measure). Don’t miss an experience unlike any other in Taiwan: an international-level ensemble bringing the exciting sound of the big band to the best in classic and contemporary jazz repertoire!

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