About Eau Claire Jazz, Inc.

Eau Claire Jazz, Inc. is a non-profit, 501c3 organization. The organization was formed in 2009 to partner with the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire to continue and expand the dynamic history of the Eau Claire Jazz Festival.

The mission of Eau Claire Jazz, Inc. is to support, promote, and perpetuate the worldwide cultural experience of jazz. We provide vibrant and authentic jazz experiences, inspiring audiences to build life-long appreciations for jazz music.


The Eau Claire Jazz Festival

The Eau Claire Jazz Festival is a regional music festival, dedicated to educating, entertaining and promoting jazz. Since 1967, the Eau Claire Jazz Festival has maintained a standard of excellence in jazz education and performance. This educational and cultural jazz festival has earned its distinction as one of the oldest and largest events by providing local, national and international artists the opportunity to showcase their creative work and by highlighting the enduring elements and important directions in this distinctly American music. Furthermore, the Eau Claire Jazz Festival is the largest student run festival in the United States. With a board made of community members to oversee, University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire students perform all duties needed in order to support the festival making it one of a kind.

Our Mission

Eau Claire Jazz Inc. supports & promotes cultural awareness and appreciation of jazz music through our two main events, the ‘Gatsby’s Gala’ and the Eau Claire Jazz Festival. The Eau Claire Jazz Festival includes four main elements: Master Classes, Student Sessions, a Concert Series and our downtown 'Jazz Crawl.’ This festival (in it’s 54th year) is the largest and longest-running intern-run jazz festival in the world. In a quick summary, the Master Classes and Student Sessions are elements we use to provide educational opportunities for students, while the Concert Series and ‘Jazz Crawl’ are elements we use to provide world-class entertainment and spread the culture of Black-American music through the jazz tradition for the greater Eau Claire community.

Gatsby's Gala

Welcome to Gatsby's Gala, the annual party/fundraiser that will whisk you back to the roaring '20s! Complete with raucous big bands, exquisite ballroom decor, and vintage black-tie attire, you'll be surrounded by the sights and sounds of the era! With our organizational focus being on supporting and promoting the culture of jazz music, Gatsby's Gala is a fundraiser for both the Eau Claire Jazz Festival and the UW-Eau Claire Jazz Studies program. Expect to hear UW-Eau Claire Jazz ensembles I and II, and vibrant guest performers throughout the night. You'll hear all your favorite swing classics, sultry ballads, and a few modern twists that you'll be sure to love.