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Rules and Regulations

Jazz Festival Rules and Regulations

I. Definitions of Performing Ensembles

   *Big Band- Eleven or more musicians

   *Combo- Three to ten musicians

High School Big Bands: Competitive

   AA: Over 1500 students

   A: 1100-1499 students

   B: 600-1099 students

   C: under 600 students

   D: under 400 students


   Any size school

All second, third, and fourth bands will be non- competitive.

 High School Combo:

   Competitive & Non-Competitive


II. Performance Standards

 A. Performance Time

   1.  Bands will be allowed 30 minutes

(Time includes set up, tuning, performance, critiques, and tear down).

  B.  Performance Criteria

1. Groups are encouraged to perform three charts. Selections should include swing, ballad, and Latin or contemporary styles.

  C. Critiques

   1. All bands will be adjudicated on overall performance and will receive critiques from three adjudicators (including sight reading).

   2. Competition performance will be within each division entered

   3. Criteria for adjudication included (see tabulation sheet).

4. Adjudicators will work with ensembles as time permits within their competitive  category or non-competitive category

(Ensembles are encouraged to perform for 15 minutes, leaving 15 minutes for adjudicators to work with your group).

 D. Competition and Non Competitive

   1. Ensembles may participate competitively or non-competitively.

   2. Members of non-competitive ensembles are eligible for solo awards, but are not eligible to perform on the night concert.

  E. Awards and Scholarships

   1. Eau Claire Jazz Festival Outstanding Soloist Certificate

   2. Music Camp Scholarships

   3.  Musical Instruments for band program determined by clinic participation

  F. Musical Scores

   1. Scores (full or condensed) of all charts should be provided to all adjudicators.

   2. There will be two adjudicators at each performance site, please have two copies of your score available. (Three adjudicators for college       big bands)

  G. Sight Reading

   1. A unique and necessary area to the Eau Claire Jazz Festival is sight reading. Sight reading will be held immediately after your performance     time.

   2. Sight reading is equivalent to 25% of your total score.

   3. Non-competitive Big Bands may elect not to sight read. If you would not like to sight read please say so when you register or else contact        the festival director.


 Sight Reading Rules

  • No one may look at parts until adjudicator gives instructions.

  • Once musicians are set up, the director may look at the score for one minute. At the end of that minute, they can signal the band members that they may look at their parts. The director may go over parts with the members for four minutes, but no playing is to be done.

  • At the end of the four minutes, the selection is to be played straight through without pause.


III. College, High School, and Middle School Big Band & Combo Winners

 A. Honor Band: Competitive schools in each class are eligible for this award, which is presented to the school with the highest overall averaged score awarded by the adjudicators.

 B. One Honor Band from each category will be invited to perform one number on one of the main stage concerts.

  • Friday 4:30 Main Stage Concert, Ojibwe Ballroom in Davies Center

    Middle School Big Band--directors will be notified of the winners via phone call or text during the Guest Artist master classes, so it is  imperative to have your cell phone on and you must also provide us with a second phone number in case  we cannot reach your primary phone.

  • Friday 7:30 Main Stage Concert, The Pablo at the Confluence

  College Combo and Big Band

  • Saturday 4:30 Main Stage Concert, Ojibwe Room in Davies Center

    • All combo, high school, and middle school directors of these three classes will be notified of the winners via phone call or text during the Guest Artist master classes, so it is imperative to have your cell phone on and you must also provide us with a second phone number in case we cannot reach your primary phone.

  • Saturday 7:00 Main Stage Concert, The Pablo Center at the Confluence

  • Class AA, A, B, C, D big bands, & AA/A & B/C/D combos

  • All big bands will have four minutets to perform one tune

  • All combos will have three minutes to perform one tune


 C. The schools with the highest score in their class will be announced at the 4:30 Main Stage Concert in Davies Center.


  • Awards include  

    • Scholarships to summer music camps. (announced at night concert)

    • Eau Claire Jazz Festival Outstanding Musician Certificates


IV. Evaluation Files and Placement Announcements 

 A. Evaluation files, audio files, and outstanding soloist awards will be sent electronically after the festival.


V. Clinics

 A. Clinics will be presented throughout both days of the festival by the guest artists and selected clinicians. 

 B. Clinics are open to all festival participants and their directors. They are also free and open to the public.

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