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52nd Street Fast Approaching


The 2018 Eau Claire Jazz Festival is coming quick! With just a little over two weeks left before the downbeat of this year’s festival, we at Eau Claire Jazz Inc. would like to present a closer look at one of our favorite events of the weekend: 52nd Street!  52nd Street makes its 52nd appearance this year, and to celebrate we will be hosting new and exciting acts along with the same timeless experience that the night is known for.

Kicking off the transition from downtown Eau Claire into the New York jazz club nightlife will be none other than some New Orleans inspiration! A callback to the traditional New Orleans brass band parades historically known as a second line, (or as we’ll be calling it, 52nd Line!), is the perfect way to start the night. It will begin as a feature for middle school performers from the day to join, but there is no limit to the number of players involved, so we invite all to bring their horns and join the fun! Concluding the parade will be free ice cream and some speakers to officially announce the start of the festivities, and so the night begins.

In a partnered effort with the city of Eau Claire, downtown Barstow Street will be closed off completely to create a safe and localized venue for the revival of this age old jazz environment. 18 businesses in the area will close up shop and open anew, transforming into jazz nightclub venues hosting over 50 jazz lineups from around the Midwest. Those that have attended previous years know that the nightclub hubbub of 52nd Street is like nothing else.

Joining the ranks of the musicians performing that night will be local celebrities such as saxophonists Sue Orfield and Freddy Sklenar of the Equinox, and jazz vocalist Shannon Kaeding. Flying in from Los Angeles and New York City to join the fun are pianist Matt Harris, and saxophonists Alexa Tarantino, Lauren Sevian, and Adam Larson among others. You won’t want to miss out on the world-class talent featured Friday night!

The festivities start at 5:30pm on Friday and conclude at 2am that night. We at Eau Claire Jazz Inc. are ecstatic to be there, and look forward to seeing you strutting the streets that night too!

-Leo Johnson

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