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Presented by Eau Claire Jazz, Inc. in partnership with University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire

Student Performances

All student performances take place on the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire campus or The Pablo Center at the Confluence and are open to the public!

Honor Bands

Competitive big bands and combos are eligible to be designated as an honor band. All groups recieving the honor band title will perform on the Saturday night headliner concert! This includes the Middle School Honor Band, High School Honor Bands in all class categories, the High School Honor Combo, and the College Honor Combo as well.

Outstanding Musicianship Awards

All musicians in any band are eligible to win this award!

Be it an excellent performance on a feature piece, a creative improvised solo, or simply an outstanding execution of their role in the band, any performer that gains recognition from the adjudicators in their performance area can be nominated for the Outstanding Musicianship Award.


Excellence in Jazz Education Award

On the Saturday of every festival there will be four rooms designated for the clinics that occur throughout the day covering a wealth of jazz-related topics.

Students will have the opportunity to track which clinics they observed through a clinic attendance card distributed by their director. These will need to be initialled at the door for each class.

At the 4:30 concert that afternoon, students will submit their cards to be counted. The schools with the highest ratio of clinics attended per student will be eligible to win one of the numerous instruments generously donated to us by Schmitt Music and Morgan Music!


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Guest Artists
52nd Street Bands
Charter Bank
The Eau Claire Jazz, Inc.

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