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Presented by Eau Claire Jazz, Inc. in partnership with University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire

Student Performances

All student performances take place on the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire campus and are open to the public!

2017 Results

High School Big Band   

Class AA 

  1. Eau Claire Memorial Jazz I - 93.625

  2. Roseville Area High School Jazz Ensemble 1 - 93.500

  3. Stillwater Jazz Ensemble - 88.750

Class A  

  1. Chippewa Falls HS Jazz I - 87.875

  2. Hastings High School Jazz I - 84.500

  3. Waconia HS Jazz I - 83.375


Class B

  1. Fort Atkinson High School Jazz Ambassadors - 89.625

  2. Marquette Senior High School Jazz Band - 88.500

  3. River Falls High School Jazz I - 85.5


Class C  

  1. East Troy Jazz Ensemble - 90.625

  2. Albany Jazz I - 86.625

  3. Waseca Jazz I - 86.5


Class D   

  1. Columbus Catholic High School Big Band - 89.875

  2. Arcadia High School- 83.00

  3. Brillion HS Jazz Ensemble - 79.875


High School Combo

(Out of 66 points total)

Class AA/A 

  1. Roseville Area High School Jazz Combo I - 63.1667

  2. Riverside University High School Jazz Combo - 60.500

  3. Stillwater Jazz Combo - 58.000

Class B/C/D 

  1. Walker West Music Academy Jazz Ensemble - 59.3333

  2. Shawano Combo - 57.33

  3. Fort Atkinson High School Jazz Symposium - 56.3333


Middle School Big Band 

  1. Capitol Hill Jazz Band - 89.500

  2. Fort Atkinson Middle School Jazz I - 85.625

  3. Parkview Jazz One - 81.625



Honor Bands

Competitive big bands and combos are eligible to be designated an Honor group. The highest scoring band in each class will receive the award as an Honor Band. The college Honor Band and Honor Combo will perform at the Friday Headline Concert. The high school honor bands will perform at the Saturday Headline Concert at Memorial High School. The middle school Honor Big Band and the high school Honor Combos will perform at the 4:30 p.m. concert on Saturday afternoon.

Outstanding Soloist Awards

All bands may have soloists who can be nominated by the adjudicators in their performance area as an outstanding soloist. One soloist from each class will then be selected by the adjudicators at the end of the performance day as the top outstanding soloist.

Excellence in Jazz Education Award

Several clinics will be offered throughout the Saturday addressing a wide variety of jazz-related topics. Directors will be provided clinic attendance cards for each of their students. For each clinic a student attends, he/she will have it checked off. At the 4:30 concert, students will turn in their cards, which will then be counted. Students must attend three or more clinics for their card to be counted for their school.

The school with 95% of students attending three or more clinics will win the Excellence in Jazz Education award. In addition, schools with 65% of students attending three or more clinics will be eligible to win a new instuments!


Past Results

2014 High School and Middle School Results

Guest Artists
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University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire
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